Emerald Mezzanine Fund
Emerald Mezzanine Fund
Emerald Mezzanine Fund
Emerald Mezzanine Fund
Emerald Mezzanine Fund
Emerald Mezzanine Fund
Emerald Mezzanine Fund
Emerald Mezzanine Fund

Capital for Real Estate & Land Acquisitions

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First-class capital solutions for real estate

Welcome to Emerald Mezzanine.

Emerald Mezzanine is a leading real estate debt fund specializing in the provision of mezzanine capital for real estate projects in the German-speaking region. Our market strategy focuses on real estate projects of all types of use and asset classes, which are characterized by high growth potential as well as strong market positioning potential in the German-speaking region (DACH).

The excellent advising of our clients is in the center of attention, because there is no successful real estate business without meaningful utilization. Therefore, targeted clarity is required as to which buyer requires a space at which location and for which activity. The property must be suitable in terms of its type of use. This is the key to success for any real estate investment, because it is the use that makes a real estate investment valuable.

In this context, the production factor capital is essential, especially for developers and investors in general. In this context, capital can therefore be compared to oxygen. Without it, economic thriving cannot breathe. Especially in the capital-intensive real estate industry, it makes developers, investors as well as other market players fundamentally capable of acting, significantly more flexible and in the best case extremely successful.

Emerald Mezzanine has a remarkably qualified team of experts in their field who possess in-depth knowledge such as expertise in the real estate industry and the market. We use our knowledge to help you realize your project and maximize your growth potential.

Our approach is based on long-term partnerships in which we provide capital, expertise and strategic support to the respective companies. We work closely with the management team to ensure sustainable value creation and maximize the potential of the project.



  • Individual mezzanine and bridge solutions

  • Dynamic processes

  • Unusually lean internal corporate structures

  • Exceptionally high response speed (usually within 48 hours)

  • Excellent business understanding

  • Excellent support across all phases of the value chain


  • Volumes from 3 to 15 million euros

  • Term between 3 and 24 months

  • Financing run-off up to 80% LTC/LTV (in exceptional cases also higher)

  • Loan forms: Whole Loan, Preferred Equity, Equity Mezzanine, Debt Mezzanine

  • No participation claims

  • Secured by land register if possible


  • All asset classes

  • Bridge financing

  • Project start-up financing, also without building rights, or no or low pre-letting and pre-sale quota

  • Land acquisition financing

  • Revitalization Financing

  • Company acquisitions in the industrial and logistics sectors, provided the property is suitable for sale and leaseback


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